Outsourcing as a Strategic Initiative to Help Increase Business

Companies’ expectations towards outsourcing are continuously changing. Businesses today are looking at outsourcing as a strategic initiative, not only to cut costs but also to help increase business. Tieto Outsourcing Framework (TOF) is designed to tackle this challenge by both ensuring cost optimisation and by supporting the journey to truly business-driven IT.

The framework is a well-defined and proven methodology for executing and delivering large-scale outsourcing which provides tangible benefits aligned to the customer expectation. “In other words, it is a standardised and defined way in which Tieto approaches the outsourcing scope for any given business”, says Manish Kumar, Head Offering Management & Customer Enablement at Tieto.

Tieto Outsourcing Framework takes the customer relationship beyond operational service level management to look at service and business value management, demonstrating quantifiable benefits to the customers..

According to Kumar, the biggest advantage of TOF is that you have a one-stop-shop for all your IT-services. The customer is able to get the full benefit of outsourcing from one trusted supplier.

“The framework makes it possible for us to help our customers throughout the entire journey, from visioning the possible customer benefits to the point where those objectives are realised”, Kumar describes.

Tieto, with its strong industrial expertise and track record, has been using parts of TOF in many different scenarios. For example, it was used in a project where Tieto helped a customer in moving its infrastructure to cloud for cost-efficiency reasons, as well as to increase scalability and business response time. TOF has also been used in defining transformation migration for different customers.

“We’ve worked with different industries in different areas, and the outsourcing framework brings to life the full strength of Tieto as a company.  We are able to connect all the dots and put our services in a seamless execution framework that brings out our true potential as a partner. And that is very exciting.”

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