Helsinki Nightlife for Starters

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Photo by Juska Wendland

At some point of your time in Helsinki, you may convince yourself that nightlife in Helsinki is basically made out of middle-aged people singing karaoke, then stumbling onto a boat, to sing karaoke, to pick up cheap alcohol in Estonia, then go back on the boat to Helsinki to sing karaoke, again.

Well this may easily be your life in Helsinki!

But, we believe that, this can be fun, especially, if you kick ass at certain English karaoke songs, like we do, cause you may just be amazed with how many free drinks you can receive from generous drunk mates. Even a random drunk Finnish barman sometimes will just tell you, you don’t need to pay. How amazing is that!

If that’s not your scene then you need to know where to go to have fun in Helsinki.

And, it comes with a damage – money!

You need to bring lots of money.

Drinks and food have become a luxury in Helsinki nightlife scene. Here are the places that we think you may want to check out and not get ripped off:

Hallo Crissi, Vuorikatu is very centrally located, it’s right downtown, and not far at all from Tavastia, which is at Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6.

We are not sure about if your music taste goes with English speaking Finnish bands like the 69 Eyes or HIM, then Tavastia may be the place for you as you may find these play there from time to time.

Bar  Erottaja at Erottaja, Mbar at Lasipalatsi, Bar MoskvaCorona Bar  on Eerikinkatu, and Bar No 9 on Uudenmaankatu are good for relatively inexpensive meal and some mo’ beer.

In Kallio district, there’s Exodus, which is a reggae/dub bar, Pacifico, which is reggae/dub/alternative club, the regular clientele’s a mix of from anywhere!

You may also check out Liberte, which is a an alternative/rock/punk – techno/reggae/hiphop club (how does all that work out in one place, you say? – that is exactly the reason why you may wanna check it out).

No matter what, you will want to stay in central Helsinki – a major area with any decent nightlife in Helsinki, and of course the transport is excellent.

You’ll not need to pay expensive taxi fares to home after a good night out.

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