Clubbing: Pre-Gaming VS. Bars

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Drinking in bars in Finland is costly, very costly.

Pre-gaming (act of consuming alcoholic beverages before heading out to another venue where there will be drinking, such as a sporting event, bar or club), comes as the best option.

To put it simply: a whiskey-soda at the club: €10. A whiskey-soda at home: €3. The economics of pre-gaming seem so simple: Build a nice base at your pad, save a little cash at the bar.

But, according to a research, if you pre-game, you’re unlikely to enjoy the post-game festivities. That’s the finding of a rec

ent Swiss study that ‘proves’ pre-gaming is to blame for every bad thing that’s ever happened to you while drunk.

Why? Despite your best intentions, you don’t drink any less at the bar if you have had a few at home first, co-author Florian Labhart, a researcher at Addiction Switzerland, said in a press release. “Excessive consumption and adverse consequences are not simply related to the type of people who pre-drink, but rather to the practice of pre-drinking itself.” The study was published online in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research and will be published in a Feb. 2013 print edition of the publication.

Simply Labhart says: More booze = more trouble. Save yourself by exchanging every third drink for a glass of water—or cutting out your pre-game routine entirely, she suggests.

Here’s how “ugly” your night may get with a liquid head start according to Men’s Health Magazine:

A good pre-game doesn't always foreshadow a good night out—or morning after.

Reference: Men’s Health

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