The Drunk Train in Helsinki.

Few days ago, the Helsinki transportation service (HSL) said, the extended metro service on weekend nights proved to be extremely popular at least during the pre-Christmas party season. Right on! HSL said, many passengers traveling in the direction of East Helsinki took the metro instead of a night bus but the late night metro services were welcomed also by those traveling within the city center.

The Drunk Train

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The night metro trial started in mid-November last year. By Christmas, an average of 4,000 journeys per night were made on the night metro and almost quarter of them were drunk. At the same time, the number of passengers on the night buses to East Helsinki decreased to only 1,300 – 1, 500 passengers per night.

HSL’s confirmation reminded us of one of the episodes of How I Met Your Mother where they talk about the drunk train in New York. If you watched that episode, you probably wished that it was real. Well, your wish comes true but not in New York, in Helsinki.

A train where you can find drunk people partying and having fun as well as shouting “you think you are better than me?” to those who disses them.

What is the drunk train in Helsinki?

The drunk train is the subway in Helsinki – operating after 00:00 where you find more drunk people having fun in the train than ordinary sober citizens. Simply, it is a heavenly vehicle you have been looking for! A whorient express as Barney calls it in that episode.

To be join in the drunk train mayhem, all you need to do is to get drunk beforehand and get on the train after 00:00. In fact, we are organizing drunk train events for the dating section once a month, so if you are into it then join us.

If you decide to join the drunk train on your own, you need to be open minded as you may come across people who may tell you their favorite band is Glee…

The drunk train is great because it is almost free (well 2.20 euros). Our nightclubs in Helsinki are over-priced and usually one has no difference than another – girl-boy proportion is pretty balanced anywhere you go in Finland. Almost all of the bars in Helsinki have a cover-charge (usually over 15 euros) and you don’t find anything so special inside apart from over-expensive badly mixed drinks. At the end of the night, you ask yourself why you spent so much money there and you wished that there was a secret club to interact with.

That is why the drunk train can be the best alternative for Helsinki clubbers!

For the drunk train, all you need to do is to stay at the railway station (preferably from Kamppi station) and watch for a fun group to arrive meanwhile sipping from your favorite drink (do it secretly) – cause it is illegal to bring alcohol to the subway in Helsinki. Vodka in a water bottle works perfect.

“We expected the night metro to attract passengers during the pre-Christmas party season. A positive surprise was that the increase in the metro passengers exceeded the decrease in the night bus ridership,” says Mr Tero Anttila, the Director of HSL Public Transport Planning Department.

“This means the night metro has attracted clearly more passengers from other modes of transport than the East Helsinki bus routes. On the basis of the statistics by station it seems that a high number of journeys in the city center were made on the late night metro services.”

The drunk train will run until mid-June as it will run two hours later than usual on weekend nights.

Join the mayhem – the Drunk train!