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Pam Ann Interview: Finnish Humour is “Filth”

Pam Ann is a story of openness. She is going to be in Helsinki for her stand up comedy show named “Plane Filthy” on 23 October 2014 at 19:00 at Savoy Theatre in Helsinki. With enough chutzpah and insider knowledge to rival a Qantas CEO, no one serves a better airline satire quite like Pam […]

Interview with Fereshta Kazemi, an Afghan Actor in Hollywood

Award winning actress Fereshta Kazemi is one of the most successful Afghan actresses in Hollywood. Award winning actressHer energy, talent and continuous fight to bring fresh view to cinema inspires us. Whether you are in Afghanistan, in Finland or in the U.S., Fereshta carries that special ‘aura’ to pull any viewer to the screen. Fereshta, […]

Interview with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland on Quality Journalism

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 18 April 2014. The Crimea crisis carries out its sensitivity and it is utmost crucial for journalists to follow ethical routes in reporting while officials to listen, and act timely. An interview conducted with the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Jouni Mölsä, on quality journalism in Finland by Novosti-Helsinki […]

Interview with the Finnish Immigration on Asylum

Below is the interview we conducted with the Finnish Immigration Service on Asylum matters in Finland. The article was first published in FINNBAY’s print edition in Russian. How does the Immigration service respond to the increasing number of asylum seekers in Finland? The Finnish Immigration Service has in recent years prepared itself to the possibility of […]

Joana Amendoeira Pre-Concert Interview: Magical night of Fado

Joana Amendoeira is an honoured Fado singer. She has already released seven albums and sings classical Fado from Lisbon and she is going to perform at Kulturens hus in Luleå, Sweden on 6 December 2013 at 19:00. Prior to the concert, we have been lucky to have an interview with her. During the concert we will […]

Margaret Cho Interview: “I am Giving Birth, Not literally, But in My Comedy”

Margaret Cho is a story of determination. She is going to be in Helsinki for her stand up comedy show named “Mother” on 19 December 2013 at 20:00 at Savoy Theatre in Helsinki. Her new standup show, offers an untraditional look at motherhood and how we look at maternal figures and strong women in queer […]

Poisonblack Interview: “I Write Music for Selfish Reasons”

Poisonblack is about natural instincts. Oulu’s heavy metal band was formed in 1999. Band’s members are Ville Laihiala (vocal and the lead guitarist), Tarmo Kanerva (drums), Antti Remes (bass), and Marco Sneck (keyboards). The band was born due to Ville’s obsession to few songs he wrote and could not sing them with his old band, […]

Fun, Healthy and Sexy: Time to Hula Hoop in Finland!

I have never considered to hula hoop, in Finland, for three reasons. One, hula hooping is foreign in Finland. Two, it is cold here. Finally, I find myself become a shy person when thinking about hula hooping in Finland right on staring Finnish people’s faces. :) Anyways.. I met Katie Sunshine and found hula hooping to […]

Stala & So. Interview: “People are into Having a Good Time”

Stala & So is about harmony. They are refined, down to earth with full of joy. The band members are Stala (vocals), Nick Gore (Bass guitar, back vocals), Sami J. (lead guitar, back vocals), Pate Vaughn (rhythm guitar, back vocals) and Hank (drums). The band was formed with Stala and Nick back in 1997 as […]

Anne Kukkohovi Interview: “True Style is Timeless”

Anne Kukkohovi is one of the most influential people in the Finnish fashion industry. She is a retired Finnish model. She currently runs her own company while being the host of the Finnish version of America’s Next Top Model, Suomen huippumalli haussa and just finished filming a new show called “Finnish Bake Off” which will […]

Poets of the Fall: Interview: “Success is Not a One Night Stand”

Poets of the Fall is a story of determination, ambition and never giving up on what you love. They are Finland’s one of the most popular rock bands, formed in 2003 in Helsinki by singer Marko Saaresto, guitarist Olli Tukiainen and keyboardist Markus Kaarlonen through financial struggles and deliberate times. They sold everything they had. They moved into a […]

Interview: Is Finland a Supporter of Human Rights Violators?

(FINNBAY) – Tampere, 10 April 2013. On 28 March, SaferGlobe Finland released a research on Finland’s arms exports to other countries where human rights violations were occurred. Below you will find our interview with SaferGlobe Finland about their research. Can you tell us about SaferGlobe? SaferGlobe Finland is an independent research network on peace and […]