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The Natural Gas Crisis in Europe

While Europe’s reserves of fossil fuels are going down fast, Russia’s Gazprom and China’s China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) have signed a historic 30-year agreement to supply natural gas to China. The agreement comes after more than a decade of repeated negotiations over the price of the natural gas, claims DW News. Also Read: The EU’s […]

The Dark Side of Greece’s Primary Budget Surplus

This week, European economy wonks took heart at a milestone in Greece. On Wednesday, it was confirmed that Greece had recorded a primary budget surplus of €1.5 billion. This means that the country’s income exceeded its expenses (not counting interest on debt payments). This is a significant milestone because Greece’s creditors have conditioned further debt […]

Jet Search Failure Again: Malaysian Airplane still Missing

It has been six weeks since the Boeing 777, flight MH370 is missing.  The position of the wreckage is supposed to be some 1,550 km northwest of Perth; however the investigators did not provide sufficient evidence that the plane was encountered there.  The plane disappeared on the 8th of March with 239 people on board. […]

An Overview of 2014 European Union Elections

(FINNBAY) – Brussels, 12 April 2014. This year the European Parliament will experience its most expansive election yet. Twenty-eight member states will elect 751 Members of the European Parliament between 22 and 25 May. The number of MEPs each member state sends to the European Parliament is determined by population. Germany, the European Union’s most […]

The Resource Revolution: Challenges of the Sustainable Future

The rapid urbanization in the new world economy, having in mind an additional 2.5 billion of people that are expected to join world’s middle class, is a concern elaborated by many observers. Recently, Matt Rogers, McKinsey director, together with the Stanford Professor Stefan Heck brought out a new compelling book called “Resource Revolution”. The authors […]

The Mystery of the Rise of European Consumer Confidence

On March 28, the European Commission released an updated Economic Sentiment Indicator report that shows a rise in consumer confidence. The Euro area saw a 1.2 point rise in consumer confidence the sharpest monthly increase since April 2009 (+3.4). The member states with the largest increase are the Netherlands (+2.3), Spain (+2.2), and Italy (+1.3). […]

The Economic Warfare – U.S., Russia, and its Allies

After imposing sanctions on 11 Russian and Ukrainian officials, who according to the U.S. President Barack Obama are responsible for Russia’s military incursion to Crimea, Obama declared that he is ready to impose further sanctions if the situation does not improve in Crimea. At the same time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel claimed that the European […]

EU and U.S. Cheese War

It is possible to eat American Brie and French Brie side by side and not know the difference. But the European Union is on a mission to stop American cheese makers from using European cheese names.  This is not a new strategy; the European Commission has negotiated similar restrictions in trade agreements with South Korea […]

Bailout Effects: AIG’s Audacious Display of Ingratitude?

Government intervention in credit markets is a feature that we have been familiar with, especially during the financial and economic crisis. Even though bailouts often represent a necessary tool to prevent a complete meltdown of the financial sector, its effects have been widely questioned. Insurance giant AIG (American International Group), who received a 182 billion […]

Google and the European Commission, Redux

I’d like to revisit the battle between Google and the European Commission. Since my first article Google reached an agreement with the European Commission on the matter of its internet search result. A deal may have been reached, but that does not mean that Google is out of the water. Also Read: European Antitrust Policy and […]

Serving the Underserved: Will the Poor Keep Paying More?

Last week, the Office for Inspector General (OIG) came up with a report on how to provide the non-bank financial services for the “underserved”. “The entire underserved population comprises more than e quarter of all U.S households – some 68 million adults. (…) The average underserved household spends $2,412 each year just on interest and […]

European Energy Policy

The European Union has long been on the cutting edge of sustainability, setting some of the most ambitious renewable energy goals, notably the 20/20/20 Climate and Energy Package. The 20/20/20 plan, adopted in 2008, set four aims: to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 20% by 2020, to increase energy efficiency to save 20% of […]

The Evolving Role and Challenges of Agriculture in Development: Developing Countries

“One of the most critical factors in the early stages of development is the health of agriculture sector, because without a surplus of food production over subsistence needs, little else can be done” argues Thirlwall (2011). It is no coincidence that the true development and progress of mankind, 8000 years ago, is highly associated with […]

European Antitrust Policy and Google

EU Antitrust Policy Current European antitrust policy came out of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). The two anchoring rules are that there can be no agreements made between two or more independent market operators that restrict competition and that firms dominating a particular market should not use their position of […]

Insider versus Outsider: The Convergence of Governance Systems

From United States to Germany, the way corporates are governed is unique in its own. Either the governance mechanism or the ownerships structure in these two countries, in theory, is totally different. However, the phenomenon of globalization is proving all wrong. At this point, or in a near future as trends are pointing out, your […]