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258 People Died in Traffic Accidents in Finland in 2013

(FINNBAY) – Oulu, 18 June 2014. There were 5,334 road traffic accidents involving personal injury which resulted 258 people to be killed and 6,681 to be injured in Finland in 2013. The statistics show an improvement compared to the previous year. There were three more fatalities (6,684) and 407 fewer injured persons than in 2012. According […]

€31.4 is the Cost of a Finnish Employee Per Hour, Says Stats

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 18 June 2014. While the cost of labor per hour could be as low as €0.28 in Vietnam, it is about €31.4 in Finland, according to the latest data. The data includes social security, wage, salary and other costs. According to the data from the Finnish government, labour costs were, on average, […]

Construction and Motor Fields Most Popular Patent Applications in Finland

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 16 June 2014. Construction and motor fields receive the most patent applications in Finland, says the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH). Also Read: Nokia Sold 16 Patent Families to Inventergy According to PRH, “a patent is an exclusive right granted to an inventor for a limited period to exploit his or her invention commercially.” […]

Industrial Output Fell by 4.8% in January-April 2014

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 12 June 2014. Industrial output adjusted for working days fell by 4.8 percent in the January to April 2014 period, compared with the corresponding period in 2013. Industrial output diminished in several main industries. Production of electricity declined the most, by 16.4 percent. Output in the metal industry fell by 6.1 percent. […]

Finnish Foreign Trade Decreased in April

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 11 June 2014. The preliminary customs statistics show that the value of Finnish exports decreased by five percent and imports by one percent in April 2014 compared with the year before. The value of Finnish exports in April was almost 4,7 billion euros and the value of imports almost five billion euros. The […]

House Prices Continue to Rise in Finland

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 8 June 2014. Prices of single-family houses (detached) in Finland has continued to rise in 2014 when compared to previous years. However, in the first quarter of 2014, prices fell by an average of 3.3 per cent from the previous year in the whole country. In Greater Helsinki, prices went down by […]

EU Under-25 Unemployment Rate Drops Slightly

(FINNBAY-ANSAmed) – Brussels, 3 June 2014. European Union and Eurozone youth unemployment declined slightly in April, when it stood at 5.259 million or 22.5% and 3.381 million or 23.5% respectively, Eurostat said Tuesday. Also Read: Unemployment Benefit Costs to Government Almost Doubled in Finland Unemployed under-25s dropped by 415,000 in the EU-28 countries and by 202,000 […]

Finnish Exports Grew But Prices Declined in March

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 2 June 2014. The value of Finnish exports of goods decreased by three percent in March 2014 according to foreign trade statistics provided by the Finnish government. Also Read: Finnish Customs Detained 467 Butterfly Pupae Export to Russia The value of Finnish exports was almost 4.6 billion euros. The decrease was due to […]

Turnover of Enterprises in Finland Decreases by 0.8 percent in April

(FINNBAY) – Turku, 30 May 2014. The turnover of large enterprises declined by 0.8 percent in April 2014 compared with the corresponding period of the previous year, according to the Finnish government. Also Read: Turnover of Construction Firms Declined by 1.1% in December-February The turnover estimate of large enterprises is based on a sample formed of 2,000 […]

Crisis: Gambling in Finnish Schools Increase at Alarming Rate

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 29 May 2014. According to a recent study conducted by a private gambling firm, Finnish kids’ (younger than 17 years old) addiction to gambling is at an alarming rate. In Finland, gambling is prohibited for those who are under the 18 years of age. Nevertheless, that does not stop young people from […]

Finnish Kids Rank 11th in OECD’s Fattest Index

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 29 May 2014. Finland’s kids have become some of the fattest among the world’s developed countries during the economic crisis, according to an OECD report issued on Wednesday. Also Read: Finnish Design Company Attempts to Bring Hippos into Children Bedrooms While Finnish adults have managed to keep their weight under control to an […]

Finland 8th in Lowest Inequality of Income Distribution Comparison in Europe

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 28 May 2014. Finland ranked 8th in lowest inequality of income distribution comparison chart in Europe according to the EU statistics. In 2011, the smallest relative income differentials in Europe were found in Norway and the largest in Latvia. In Finland, the average income of the highest-income decile was 5.4-fold that of […]

80.6 Million Liters of Alcoholic Beverages Imported into Finland by Visitors

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 26 May 2014. Visitors to Finland brought a total of 80.6 million liters of alcoholic beverages from May 2013 to April 2014. The volume of imports has increased by a fifth (21%) over the past 12 months. The government data does not show whether the visitors are Finnish, foreign, EU or non-EU citizens. […]

Finnish Producer Price Index Fell by 1.4 percent in April

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 26 May 2014. Producer prices for manufactured products fell by an average of 1.4 percent from April 2013 to April 2014, says the latest statistics. The producer prices for manufactured products sold on the domestic market went down by 1.4 per cent, while the producer prices of export products fell by 1.6 […]

Finnish Retail Sales See Slight Growth in April

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 25 May 2014. Retail trade sales increased by 2.3 percent in April 2014 from April 2013. Over the same time period, the volume of sales, from which the impact of prices has been eliminated, went up by 2.4 per cent. Also Read: Swedish ZetaDisplay to Target Finnish Retailers with “Digital Signage” The retail trade […]