Gallery: Your Pictures Of Finland, May ’14

Here is our selection of the best photos around the theme of ‘regeneration’ for May 2014, featuring your stunning pictures of Finland documenting your time in Finland.

Inspired? Send us an email of your photo with its title to be featured here next month.

Helsinki bird eye view

Motley agency roof terrace #helsinki #finland, Sami Keinänen

Wartsila made ship from Helsinki

Albatros – Cruise Ship made by Finnish Warsila Helsinki Shipyard, Gynlowe

bears in Helsinki zoo

Mother bear and 3 cubs of a few months old. She is very alert and chases anyone getting too close – especially boars (male bears) – away. Also the cubs quickly climb a tree in case of danger, Arend

food from Finland

Amuse food, Edsel Little

dandelions from Helsinki

Dandelions. A whole field of dandelions. Should have brought my fisheye, Thomas Backa


Birgitan polku 26, Maria Morri

Turku conference picture

Finland Turku Agile Day Conference, Matthew McCullough

Inspired? Send us an email of your photo with its title to be featured here next month.

Gallery is a so-monthly column featuring stunning pictures sent from FINNBAY’s readers.

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